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About Us

Welcome to McLaren Tree Services. We are a family run company operating in Bourne and the surrounding areas offering a full range of professional tree and hedge care services.

Our company provides highly skilled, safe, friendly and reliable tree care – our teams are fully qualified and we provide full public liability insurance and produce risk assessments for each individual job.

Providing services for residential properties and commercial sites such as tree felling, hedge cutting, stump grinding, crown reductions and emergency call out on storm damaged trees.   We are pleased to work closely with some local authorities and charities looking after parklands, Peterborough Cathedral and school sites.

Our Ethos

McLaren Tree Services are committed to customer satisfaction and we always work to the highest possible standards, leaving each work site impeccably clean and tidy. All work is carried out to BS3998 and health and safety of the team and members of the public is our number one priority.

Our Services

With over 15 years of Industry experience in arboriculture all tree work is carried out to BS3998 and health and safety of the team and members of the public is our number one priority.

Many trees are protected in the UK so before any work is undertaken, checks must be made to ensure it is not covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or situated within a Conservation Area. We have a good working relationship with the local district council tree officers and will happily offer expert advice and where necessary submit 6-week notice to the local planning authority on your behalf.

Expert Tree Surgery

Pruning, crown raising, thinning and reduction including felling and dismantling

Tree & Hedge

Supply, planting and aftercare

Small Tree Work

Including dead wooding, canopy reshaping, felling and removal

Tree Removal Service

Felling, dismantling and removal

Planning Applications

For TPO’s and Conservation Area work

Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Emergency Callouts

General Advice & Guidance

Tree Felling and Dismantles

Wherever possible, we aim to protect and preserve trees, however there are times when trees have to be removed to make way for construction projects or because they have become hazardous to public health and safety through storm damage, accidental trauma, structural weakness or disease.

Pruning and Re-shaping

Effective pruning is a skilled job that can be of great benefit to trees, increasing the yield of fruit trees and lengthening the life of many species.


Deadwooding is the practice of removing dead branches from your tree. It’s a crucial part of tree maintenance that cuts away loose or dying branches, which are the most likely to be knocked loose during a storm.

Tree/Crown Reduction

When a tree starts to dominate its location we can perform a crown reduction to reduce the overall volume of the tree. This involves pruning the branches to appropriate growth points across the tree’s canopy.

Crown Lifting

This involves raising the tree canopy by removing lower branches back to the trunk of the tree. This is often required for clearance over roads, paths or buildings.

Crown Thinning

Removing crossing, dead or rubbing branches throughout the tree whilst leaving the main structure intact allowing more light and air to circulate around the tree.


Branches are taken back to the primary limbs or a historical pruning point to promote a dense head of foliage growth and determine the height of the tree, once a tree has been pollarded the process will need to be repeated every three to seven years depending on the species of tree.

Hedge Trimming

Regular hedge trimming maintains the appearance and health of a hedge. Whether annually or more frequently we are happy to take care of any size hedge and remove all waste materials that will be removed and be used for renewable fuels.

Tree & Hedge Planting

We work with a local nursery to supply and plant trees and hedges, replacing existing or looking to replace some fencing.

Stump Grinding

Once your tree work has been completed we can remove the stumps with specialist equipment to give you back the space by taking the stump out to below ground level and ensuring that it won’t sprout back into life.

24 Hour Emergency Call Outs

Responding to fallen or dangerous trees particularly after high winds.

Site Clearances

After any work at your premises all waste material will be removed (unless otherwise requested) and the site will be left clean and tidy.


“Euan and his team did an excellent job felling some trees and shaping others in our garden. Highly recommended. Professional polite guys who cleared everything away and left the garden tidy. Many thanks guys for a great job done."

Del Thompson


“Ewan and assistant came to cut off tops of trees for me,arrived on time and did an excellent job, highly recommended and a top guy”

Gerry Mason

“The guys were professional and polite and cleared up absolutely everything. Overall a great job dismantling the tree in tricky weather conditions. This team take pride in their work. I would highly recommend them.”

Matt Dutton

If you are looking for a company that puts you, the customer, first, then call a member of our friendly team on 01778 426792 to arrange a free, no obligation quote.